Sal's Blues Lab

Top pro guitarist Sal DiFusco has had extensive experience writing, recording, producing and performing with many world class artists. He's toured the world performing original music, receiving favorable reviews by top national entertainment magazines including Billboard, Variety, College Music Journal, 20th Century Guitar Player, and Bass Frontiers.

A current Professor of Guitar at the famed Berklee College of Music in Boston, Sal is known worldwide as an innovative, cutting-edge guitar educator since his international release of a series of instructional videos. In this App, Sal shares some of the greatest techniques he has discovered throughout his career in terms of blues music.

Selected contents:

-Blues song Forms
-Blues Rhythm Variations
-Essential Blues Solo Licks
-Blues Polyrhythm
-Different Blues Styles

If you're interested in improving your guitar skills and abilities, this new guitar instructional App will be highly beneficial to you, regardless of your level of ability.